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Unsure if you are receiving the best possible deal or the most appropriate solutions from your Bank costing your extra fees and interest?

BC4B can help achieve a competitive package.....Saving your business money and saving you time!

About BC4B

BC4B, established in 2013 are Proven Independent Banking Consultants. Our aim is to assist New Zealand Companies maximise growth and manage costs across Banking.

We help New Zealand businesses to review and manage their Corporate, Commercial and Business banking packages to ensure the company is supported by the right solutions and is competitively priced in todays market. Our specialty is dealing with banks because we have extensive practical experience, born out of many years spent working in Corporate, Commercial And Business Banking.

We guide and support a business on the key banking financial supply chain that is one of the key foundations to maximising growth and managing direct costs to achieve the best deal. Our methods have proven to be extremely successful covering:

  • Banking Relationship- Introducing the "right" Bank
  • International Trade & Financial Supply Chain
  • Banking Tenders- RFP's
  • Transaction Banking
  • Working Capital
  • Foreign Exchange 
  • Merchant Services
  • Investments/Deposits
  • Risk Management including Treasury
  • Health checks across the financial supply chain
  • Connecting other experts
  • Commercial Property and Personal mortgages/loans
  • Project Management and assisting with Bank documentation 
  • Document preparation for shipping documents under letter of credit and collections
  • Onboarding to a bank
  • Anti-Money Laundering/Countering Financing of Terrorism Act-Compliance

What does all this mean?

We understand how banks work and how they think; we know the right people and we speak their language. We have significant insight, knowledge and experience in dealing with banks and can leverage this for an organisation's benefit.

We create transparency in banking which can be a grey area. Our key principle for banking relationships is one of "no surprises".

And it allows us to provide independent, objective and practical support to businesses in their dealings with banks. We can find solutions that can save you money and save you time.

  • In addition we offer Client Services expertise to answer questions or clarify problematic transactions or funding needs that Banks have not responded to your satsfaction or in a timely manner. 

To find out more about our services, please go to the consulting services section.